Gay Thing To Be: Over It

"Oh yeah--what ever happened to that gay blog?" 

I was over it.
Not inspired anymore.
Nothing was gay enough for me.

And then I realized how gay it was to be "over it".

Now, I'm back.
Things are gay again, including YOU.
So get over it. 

Gay Thing To Do: Taking A Social Media Break

You feel irritated & fed-up with people's annoying & time-consuming status updates about their days, mobile uploads of they're "amazing" dinner creations, & tweets that make you hate birds. 

You think that if you "cancel" your account for awhile, it will help you stay focused on more important stuff, like, work.

It hasn't even been 24hrs yet & the withdrawals are starting...
You feel out of the loop...

Who are you?

Then it hits you like a ton of tweets from Kim Kardashian about her wedding're a social media addict, & you can't get enough.

You're also gay.

Gay Ritual: Having a Fall TV Premiere Night With Yourself

You've been anticipating the next season of your favorite shows and you're dying to know what happens after that big cliffhanger...

You roll through Summer trying to pretend like you have better things to do like go out and play in sun, but deep inside, you need your fix...

September is finally here, and you start setting your DVR for that exciting week when you can cozy up and fall into your favorite form of escapism, television.

Just don't forget to record that special called, "You're Gay"--it's based on true events.

Gay Face: Pouting Your Lips In Pictures

Does it make your jawline look slimmer?

Do you feel sexier?
You sure do.

Does is make you look like you're having a really good time?
Probably (even though you're not).

Do you look gay?

Gay Thing To Say: "I'm Sorry But..."

Isn't it so odd when people use the words, "I'm sorry but..." before they wanna make a point, especially when they have nothing to be sorry about?


"I'm sorry but, I didn't tell you be bulimic."
"I'm sorry but, I'm not the one who got you pregnant."
"I'm sorry but, why are you wearing that disgusting outfit?"

"I'm sorry but, you're really gay."